East Gate PRO is the second phase of the highly popular East Gate Business Park project offering modern and customisable warehousing solutions at the junction of motorways M0 and M3.

The high-tech buildings offer hall spaces suitable for production, assembly and warehousing too, and are available with high-quality office and service functions upon demand. East Gate PRO will be offering a total of 60,000 sq. m. to be leased in a total of 3 halls. Buildings A1-A2 and B1-B2 offer various sizes of customisable indoor areas and also provide for the possibility of expansion at a later date. Building C1-C2 provide suitable conditions for cross-docking functions as well.

Meets unique needs, offers complex solutions

  • Customised, unique architectural and interior design solutions (built-to-suit) buildings, hall bays
  • Providing high quality warehouses, servicing logistics and fulfilment functions, as well as commercial, and office spaces on speculative basis
  • Variety of building types: hall developments and office solutions serving production-assembly and warehouse logistics functions in one place
  • Flexible hall sizes and hall types to choose from
  • Meeting room and community space designed according to needs
  • Opportunity to expand
  • End-to-end administrative services, dynamic and customer-focused professional team
  • Competitive pricing
  • Low operating costs
  • Modern, high quality buildings
  • Coordination starting from the design phase
  • Meeting room and community space designed according to needs
  • Possibility to display unique company branding
  • Loading docks and drive-in gates with hydraulic ramp levellers and scissor lifts
  • Dormer-windows with smoke extraction and ventilating functions
  • ESFR sprinkler system
  • Heating-cooling, optional HVAC system
  • High quality insulation (min 16 degrees provided in warehouses), low utility costs and competitive service charges.
  • Use of eco-friendly, easy-to-clean building materials with no harmful components
  • Selective waste management
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • All office areas have windows that open
  • Office spaces can be divided into rooms for 1-50 persons
  • BREEAM rating planned to be acquired
  • Electric car charger stations
  • LED and natural lighting
  • WIFI on the area of the service centre
  • Smart meters
  • Bicycle storage, electric car charger
  • Centralised parking lot for suppliers, with separate toilets
  • Parcel delivery point (Foxpost)
  • Safety camera system in the park
  • Access control system with licence plate recognition
  • Service centre in the East Gate:
    • Full kitchen restaurant with breakfast and lunch services, pre-ordering and delivery options
    • 100 m2 external meeting room equipped with conference technology
    • ATM
  • At the junction of motorways M0 and M3
  • Only a few minutes from the Megyeri Bridge
  • Outstanding accessibility, including by public transport/bus stop directly by the entrance; planned development: electric minibus within the park
  • Liveable, people-oriented, park-like environment

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