Hungária Office Park

In 2018, WING acquired ownership of the 3-hectare property which for several decades had served as a Siemens facility. Located in the heart of Zugló, the site is bordered by Semsey A. Street, the Hungária Ring and Gizella Street. The property currently includes buildings with nearly 40,000 sq m of leasable space. The nine edifices are of several types, including A and B category buildings, the majority of which are offices. The plot also includes industrial areas, warehouse space and a development area.

WING acquired this unique, sizeable property largely to serve its long term development strategy and as a potential development site. We believe in urban locations, and we believe in the new Budapest office corridor taking shape along the Hungária Ring, similarly to Váci Road, which is nearing saturation. It was also on the Hungária Ring that in 2008 we completed the Allianz headquarters building and, recently, the Telekom headquarters. Nearby, the Liberty office building is currently under construction, and the Skylight CITY office building, located on the northern section of the Ring, was created through the renewal of the former Material Center. What makes the facility unique is not only its proximity to the Hungária Ring and Thököly Road, which boast outstanding transportation infrastructure, but also its location in a people-oriented, atmospheric part of Zugló, making it a particularly appealing site.




History of the facility

The Siemens facility was once home to a telephone factory. It was acquired by Siemens in 1990 through privatisation, eventually serving as the company’s headquarters in Hungary. In the 1990s, the buildings were utilised by Siemens or its subsidiaries, before being leased to external tenants. Over the years, as a result of under-utilisation, several of the buildings became outdated. The property itself, however, with Siemens as its main user, continued to fulfil its function. WING purchased the area in 2018, intending to develop the site. The conceptual redesign and comprehensive renewal of the facility fits organically with WING’s corporate philosophy of utilising historical brownfield areas, and lending them new functions fully in line with the expectations of today’s real estate market. Siemens continues to lease 17,000 sq m of office, warehouse and shop space, but the facility offers development potential on 65,000 sq m of additional space.

– 15 minutes from downtown
– a green environment
– City Park, currently undergoing renewal, is within walking distance
– offices with views to a quiet, interior park
– services in the vicinity: supermarket, banks, ATMs, pharmacy, flower shop, bakery, restaurants
– flexible contracting terms, flexible layouts
– dedicated parking area

– bus nos. 7, 7E, 108E, 8E, 133E, 110 and 112 (direct public transport link to the Buda side)
– tram no. 1
– trolley nos. 74 and 75
– Zugló railway station, with Western (Nyugati) Railway Station accessible within 7 minutes by train
– direct bicycle path

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