New software development centre in Budapest

The foundation stone of the future headquarters of evosoft Hungary Kft., one of the largest software houses in Hungary belonging to the Siemens Group, has been laid with all due ceremony, with the participation of Ádám Szigeti, Deputy Secretary of State for Innovation, Roland Busch, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Siemens AG, and Noah Steinberg, Chairman and CEO of WING Zrt., the developer of the building. The ceremony held on 25 March was also attended by István Petényi, Managing Director of evosoft Hungary Kft. and Dale A. Martin, CEO of Siemens Zrt. The modern building in Buda is expected to open its gates in early 2021.

2019. June 5.

WING now owns Liget Center Office Building

Hungary’s property market leader, WING, has purchased the Liget Center Office Building located next the City Park (Városliget) in Budapest. The property consists of a 7,000 sqm office building and a nearly 3,800 sqm auditorium. WING intends to upgrade the building’s services, implementing value-added features and finding a new function for its auditorium, which is currently vacant.

2019. May 7.

Market-leading property management company now fully owned by the founder WING

WING, Hungary’s leading property company, has become the full owner of the country’s number one property management company STRABAG Property and Facility Services Zrt. by indirectly acquiring an additional 51% share in the company. Following the change, the company will continue to operate under the name NEO Property Services Zrt. as of 29 April 2019. The acquisition was approved by the National Competition Authority. WING is committed to further strengthening NEO Property Services Zrt. as a leader in property-related services segment.

2019. May 6.

WING Acquires Infopark’s B, C and I Office Buildings

WING, Hungary’s leading, privately owned real estate developer and investor, has further increased its footprint on the South Buda office market with the acquisition of Infopark’s B, C and I office buildings, along with adjacent parking garages B and D, the seller was Infopark Bt.

2019. February 11.