Roundtable Association for Real Estate Developers (RARED) established, coalition embracing the most significant real estate developer companies in Hungary

Due to joint efforts of international and Hungary-based companies, the Roundtable Association for Real Estate Developers (RARED) was formed with the participation of Hungary’s most important real estate companies. RARED considers its duty to act as an advocacy group for Hungary’s internationally recognized real estate developer companies through its development programmes concerning the built environment.

2009. July 1.

WING forges ahead with new office developments Stable operations and forward-looking projects at one of Hungary’s largest property developers

WING Zrt. is set to launch two new office developments in the market in 2009. The latest additions to the Millenáris Office Buildings complex in Budapest's Millenáris Park, the Modern and the Avantgarde, will be completed in the spring; while the k3 office centre, an environmentally friendly office complex on the Könyves Kálmán Krt. ring road, will be ready by the end of the year. Both projects have generated considerable interest among prospective tenants, which bodes well for the future of these developments.

2009. January 21.

GE’s new warehouse and office complex was handed over in the East Gate Business Park - WING’s business park gains another BTS development -

GE Hungary’s new 6 300 m2 warehouse and office complex has been handed over in the East Gate Business Park, which is located at the intersection of the M3 and M0 motorways. This unique built-to-suit building was constructed to house the company's energy division.

2008. November 28.

Philip Morris built to suit warehouse handed over in East Gate Business Park

Following completion of Philip Morris’ category “A” office building at the beginning of this summer, the company’s new national logistics and commercial centre of 7,000 m2 has been handed over. The company’s new headquarters have been completed in record time, ahead of the scheduled opening date of autumn 2008.

2008. August 25.