About Us

Excellence and Leadership in Central Europe

WING’s identity is based on being stable, modern and inspiring. These are the core values that every major company needs. WING has been providing this spirit for 20 years which have shaped it the most successful company in the real estate market of Hungary.

Our most important values ​​are integrity, reliability and expertise: we represent these values ​​in all our segments. We also believe in the goal of creating world-class buildings that will be the iconic homes of iconic companies. They are those participants of the market who are leaders in their field.

We aim to make these companies proud that as their home, they have chosen one of the WING properties. Where cutting-edge ideas are born and the great work is inspired by the WING-provided environment and where these companies can grow dynamically.

WING is the majority owner of Poland’s largest real estate developer, Echo Investment. This establishes WING as a major regional player. Echo Investment is the largest Polish developer, the only one on the market with an extensive track record in three sectors of the real estate market: residential, commercial, and office. Echo Investment is a market leader in Poland in both the office and retail segments and is constantly strengthening its position in the residential property market.


WING is one of Hungary’s biggest real estate developer and investor companies, a privately owned Hungarian real estate company.

We are committed to creating value through projects of high architectural quality, which contribute to the development of the built environment. corporate social responsibility and the creation of sustainable buildings. During its nearly 20 years of operation, the company has invested more than EUR 1,500 million in developing real estate and has a developed project portfolio covering approximately 1 million m2. A major real estate firm at the regional level, the majority owner of leading Polish real estate developer Echo Investment.

Business Lines:

  •  Real Estate Development – present in all market segments
  • Offices, Industrial&Logistics, Retail, Hotel, Residential (under LIVING brand)
  • Real Estate Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Real Estate Services (wholly owned subsidiaries)

Property Services

WING also provides integrated property services through its subsidiaries. NEO Property Services is a leading company in facility management which, besides its large-scale external client projects, provides the operation of WING Group’s real property assets thus contributing to their preservation. Beyond its projects from the market, Aspectus Architect is responsible for the planning and authorization of the majority of WING’s developments.

We aim to create property with high architectural quality meeting 21st-century demands and comply with the requirements of our tenants at all times. We achieve this with stable, high-standard facility management, quality services, and perfect technical conditions.


WING and its projects have received numerous awards from the domestic and international real estate industry,
which have repeatedly won developer awards, construction awards and the Business Superbrand award.


    WING is a people-centred business. Our most valuable resources are our expert employees. We consider honest attitude, ethical conduct, soaring creativity and creativity, and effective professional work to be the most important core values.

    Chairman & CEO

    Noah M. Steinberg

    Chairman & CEO

    Deputy CEOs

    János Gerő

    Business Development, Transactions

    Péter Kocsis

    Strategy, Controlling, Risk

    György Mucsi

    Industrial and Retail Portfolio and Developments

    Norbert Schőmer

    Office Developments

    Ferenc Szűcs


    Ernő Dr. Takács

    Office and Hotel Portfolio