New apartment complex is under construction in Budapest’s 13th district


The construction of the Kassák Residence has officiallly begun. The Kassák Residence apartment complex will bring the highest standards of resident services and smart living solutions to the Hungarian housing market. This new development is executed by WING’s new residential co-brand, LIVING. The new complex will feature modern services such as car-sharing, housekeeping, onsite delivery point, fully-equipped tool “shed” for DIY jobs and personalized smart-home solutions. In the first phase of this 3-phase development an apartment complex of 231 units will be delivered in Budapest’s increasingly popular 13th district in the direct vicinity of the Váci business block.

The development of the Kassák Residence has begun by LIVING, a WING co-brand focusing on residential property investment and development. LIVING’s Kassák Residence will enter the market with a 231 unit apartment complex scheduled for handover in the second half of 2019. This will mark the completion of the first of three phases of the overall project.

The Kassák Residence is a 21st century apartment complex offering modern quality homes in a green environment, up-to-date services and shared community benefits. WING, the project’s developer, is one of the leading real estate firms in Hungary with a proven track record that serves as  a guarantee for high quality standards.

Among the offered services are premium car-sharing and onsite delivery point. Through car-sharing, residents can use a community car provided by the Residence, while the onsite delivery point allows them to ship and pick up packages at their convenience from the Residence’s lobby. Moreover, the readily available housekeeping team promises personalized cleaning service on an appointment bases. Kassák Residence also features a fully equipped common tool-room, which is essentially a “shed” for residents with a do-it-yourself mentality.

Environmental consciousness is and will be a priority throughout the development. Major decisions such as determining the building’s situation and facade assignment were made with a unique simulation to maximize energy conservation. As a result, energy efficient apartment units will be delivered that save up to 30% of the expenses associated with heating and cooling in contrast with traditional apartment units. „LIVING’s development project, the Kassák Residence, offers modern apartments where comfort and modern technology complement one another to maximize value to future residents. The fact that half of the apartments units have already found owners is proof of the concept’s success.” – emphasized János Martin, director of residential developments at WING Zrt.

The Kassák Residence is easily accessible via both car and public transport. Although situated in the center of the city, the apartment complex provides a peaceful home to its residents who can enjoy a great number of services located in the direct vicinity of the building including schools, grocery shops, and fitness centers.

The Kassák Residence promises high quality apartment units with efficient floor plans to its residents. It will feature apartments ranging from the 30 m2 studios to the 130 m2 penthouse units with rooftop terraces and panoramic views. The apartment complex will have the most of 50 m2 units to satisfy the large demand for medium size apartments. The homes of the Kassák Residence are primarily attractive to those young adults and families who value the vicinity of the city center and the wide range of services, and who appreciate modern technology and environmental consciousness. Furthermore, these homes also present a great opportunity to those who wish to invest in apartments near the Váci office corridor that houses companies with a large number of employees.

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