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B&B Hotel B&B Hotel

B&B Hotel

In many cases, WING makes a conscious decision to transform or expand a project instead of building new projects. This circular and sustainable approach was also applied to the B&B hotel. Following the guidelines of circular architecture, the former Angyal office building overlooking the Danube with excellent visibility was rebuilt as a hotel in 2020 by WING, with the lowest possible environmental impact. B&B Hotels' first unit in Hungary opened its doors near the city centre, the business district and Budapest's gastronomic promenade, the popular Ráday Street. The hotel with panoramic views of Buda offers a rooftop terrace, restaurant, bar and conference room for business or leisure guests. The area's good accessibility by public transport and easy access to motorways are ideal conditions for the 217-room hotel.


The proximity of the city centre, the business district and Budapest’s gastronomic boulevard, the popular Ráday Street



WING is the leading property development and investment company and a market-leading office developer in Hungary. As an experienced company with reliable and stable financial background, WING has built the world-class quality headquarters of several international corporations within the deadline and meeting the budget.