Wizz Air Training Center

Project Project


The hands-on training premises, with its three aircraft simulators, will occupy a third of the 3800-square-metre BTS building. Two of the simulators will be Airbus A320 units that allow a full, 360 degree range of motion in every direction, thus making it possible to simulate complete flights in real time and in real-life conditions. A fuselage, complete with a fully appointed passenger compartment, will also be housed in the building, permitting the budget airline’s cabin crews to run emergency evacuation drills. The training area will also be suitable for additional enlargement going forward. A facility configured to practice fire suppression will also be installed in the leased property’s premises as part of the development.

A three-floor office block will be constructed in another section of the building, to accommodate offices, 14 training rooms, a representative lobby and community spaces. The building exterior is likewise flight inspired – surface finishes will evoke the external appearance of an aircraft with its silvery, metallic elements. The Wizz Air facility will be the largest air transportation training hub in Hungary, and will also rank among those representing the best-equipped and latest, most state-of-the-art in the region, one open to additional expansion, depending on future demand.

GLA: 3.800 sq m


WING Zrt. will develop a new international flight training centre, featuring the latest in cutting edge technology, for Wizz Air in the scope of a one-of-a-kind project near Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.




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