A modern, distinctive and harmonic look – WING’s Liget Center development to get a facelift


The renovation of Liget Center, a WING development in the heart of Budapest, right next to City Park, is about to reach another milestone: a new building, Liget Center Vitrum, will join the existing office buildings, Liget Center Classic and the iconic Auditorium. At the same time, the visual identity of Liget Center, the umbrella brand of the buildings, is being updated: it will be modern and distinctive while reflecting the history of the building complex.

A project with a soul and history

WING, the Central European real estate market’s leading property development group bought Liget Center in 2019. The group has always planned to add new functions to increase the value of the existing buildings on the plot. The complex’s two connected buildings, the Liget Center Classic office building and the Auditorium, were built between 1948 and 1951 and served as the headquarters of the National Association of Construction Workers (MÉMOSZ). Both buildings are listed. The buildings are complex examples Hungarian modernism in architecture and fine arts, and preserving them is a priority for WING. This is more than an renovation: the Auditorium, which is decorated with the relief Construction Workers by sculptor István Tar, had been abandoned for decades and had to be adapted to suit new, complex office functions while preserving as many authentic elements as possible.

The development has reached a new milestone: Liget Center Vitrum, a new, boutique office building with an all-glass facade will join the existing office buildings – Liget Center Classic and Liget Center Auditorium – in the sheltered inner courtyard. While each has unique architectural features, the three buildings are in perfect harmony with one another. Designed to meet the needs of RTL Hungary, the Liget Center Classic and the Auditorium buildings will serve as the media company’s new headquarters from 2024. The construction of the new, premium category, nearly net-zero-energy office building, will bring the construction the office complex to a close. In reaching this milestone, the project is also being rebranded and a new visual identity is being introduced.


The visual identity of Liget Center was inspired by the modernist architectural features of the Auditorium. The logo of the umbrella brand is meant to reflect the perfect proportions of the building, which is a key example of 20th century Hungarian architecture. The logo is also a play on the characteristic, V-shaped columns of the building. These huge, reinforced concrete columns along the shorter side of the wing, will remain an eye-catching part of the building, leading from outside to inside. In the design process, it was important to create logos that show the buildings separately, but also focus on the office complex as a whole and are in line with the visual identity of WING. A uniform look and a strong visual connection between the logos were also key aspects for the designers, who used various modern and distinctive yet harmonious colours for the buildings.

The new visual identity of the project, which got the name Liget Center in 2001, serves several purposes: to differentiate the three buildings that now form a single office complex, as well as to support the lease of office areas still available in Liget Center Classic and in the newly developed Liget Center Vitrum.

The new slogan of the complex is: “Making your workdays classy”. This is line with the premium appearance, the sustainable approach and the high technical quality of the buildings. It also reflects the exclusive location near the City Park, the historic surroundings, the many quality services and wide range of cultural and entertainment options available nearby, the green environment and the metropolitan vibe, which together evoke a particular lifestyle. These make the project unique, and offer prospective tenants not only wellbeing, but prestige, easy-going elegance and a distinctive style.

The visual identity was designed by Lighthouse Studio.

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