WING has published its first ESG report


This year WING published its first ESG report, providing information to colleagues, partners and customers about its environmental, social and governance efforts, as well as goals, measures and results in 2021. ESG reports ensure that companies communicate about sustainability and social responsibility in a transparent way. Sustainability has long been at the heart of WING’s business strategy and operations.

ESG reports describe a company’s environmental, social and corporate governance efforts and goals. They ensure more transparent corporate communication about the opportunities and risk factors surrounding sustainability and make comprehensible information accessible to investors, customers and business partners. ESG reporting is widespread internationally, although it is still quite new in Hungary. WING was among the first companies in the Hungarian real estate market to disclose its report.

As a leading Hungarian and regional real estate developer and investor, WING’s core values are reliability, integrity and expertise. In its first ESG report, the company presents its vision and describes its business activities. It also sets out its environmental goals, what it is doing in terms of corporate social responsibility and the measures it has taken to ensure the wellbeing and development of its employees, as well as its governance structure.

The health and safety of its employees, tenants and residents is a priority for WING, which is why the Group uses sustainable solutions in every building it develops and owns. Completed developments include BREEAM-certified office buildings and shopping centres, environmentally responsible developments and a number of buildings that focus on the people living and working there, some of which even provide leisure opportunities. The pursuit of sustainability is present not just in WING’s business, but in its day-to-day operations too. Ethical business conduct, energy efficiency and keeping people in their jobs are the company’s priorities.

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