WING has won in MagyarBrands’ Excellent Business Brands category once again in 2023


The MagyarBrands program was launched over 10 years ago with the aim of recognising excellent brands created in Hungary or established by Hungarians. The program evaluates the most successful Hungarian brands, and the recognition has become a guarantee of reliability and quality for the market, business partners and consumers alike. WING won the award in the "Outstanding Business Brand" category again this year, making the group an eight-time MagyarBrands winner.

MagyarBrands, a competition for excellent Hungarian brands, was established in 2010 to promote the products and services of the most successful Hungarian consumer, business and innovative brands among consumers and in the business world. Brands are scored by an expert committee and are awarded in three categories: Excellent Consumer Brands, Excellent Business Brands and Excellent Innovative Brands. WING has won the award in the „Excellent Business Brands” category every year since 2016.

The winning brands are selected through a multi-stage selection process, involving a panel of independent experts, and WING had to meet a wide range of criteria. The expert committee evaluates identity, or in other words the connection the brands have to our lives, our country and our values. They also assess the reputation of the brands among consumers and professionals, and consider their branding practices in Hungary. On top of this, research results are also important, and the committee assesses tradition and reliability, taking into consideration information such as how long the companies have been active on the Hungarian market, as well as their size, financial results and capitalisation. 

WING was established in 1999. It is active in every segment of the Hungarian property market, including office developments, industrial and retail properties, as well as hotels and residential projects. It has invested nearly HUF 750 billion in property development and developed around 1.35 million square meters of real estate in Hungary. WING is now a leading property development and investment group in Central Europe. It has significant market shares in the property markets of Germany, Poland and Hungary.

Receiving the Excellent Business Brands award is acknowledgement to WING’s outstanding brand presence and values such as awareness, popularity, business reliability or social utility. The message of MagyarBrands remains unchanged in 2023: the program acknowledges the performance of Hungarian brands and celebrates the best.

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