WING is sponsoring the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference for the 4th time


Nurturing the talent of children and young adults is a focus area for WING, so the company is sponsoring the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference (OTDK) for the 4th time now, as a diamond level sponsor of the technical section and the main sponsor of the economics section. The two sections are connected to the property market in more ways than one, so, besides the empowerment of talented young people, this sponsorship also contributes to the industry’s future labour supply.

Over the 20+ years since it was established, WING Group, a major property developer and investor in the Central European property market, has always been committed to delivering projects of high architectural quality that create lasting value, improve the built environment and are also socially beneficial. This approach is also the backbone of the Group’s CSR strategy, and for more than fifteen years now, the integration and talent nurturing of children and young adults have been a key pillar of that. WING became a sponsor of the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference (OTDK) in 2017, and this is the 4th time the Group is sponsoring the event.

‘Since its establishment, it has been a mission of our Group to support the development of the young generation, as we firmly believe that talented young people hold the key to the future. Property development is a dynamically changing and evolving area, where there is always a need for fresh ideas and novel approaches. This is why we decided to be the key sponsor of the technical and economics sections of the OTDK conference for the 4th time now,’ said Noah Steinberg, Chairman and CEO of WING Zrt. ‘These two sections of the most prominent scientific students’ conference in Hungary are closely related to property development, so by supporting them, WING may also help the property market’s future experts.

This year, of the two sections sponsored by WING, the technical section will be hosted by the Faculty of Water Sciences of the University of Public Service in Baja, and the economics section by the Faculty of Economics and Informatics of the J. Selye University in Komárom.

The OTDK is the most prestigious and acknowledged scientific students’ forum in Hungary, a great opportunity for talented young people to present themselves. The conference, which goes back six decades, aims to acknowledge higher education students with outstanding performance, to strengthen student-lecturer relationships and to increase the public awareness and recognition of the scientific activities of students.

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