WING supports SOS Children's Village again this year


For the fifth consecutive year, WING has been supporting the work of SOS Children's Village, thus ensuring the Foundation's long-term commitment as a regular donator, as a Best Partner, with HUF 5 million this year. For many years now, WING has been committed to helping young people catch up and nurturing their talents, which is why it is of the utmost importance for the company to actively contribute to the creation of equal opportunities for children together with its employees.

Since 2018, WING has been supporting the work of the SOS Children's Village as a key partner every year, and this year it has donated a further HUF 5 million. For many years, WING has been committed to helping the young generation catch up and creating equal opportunities, which is why it has become a regular supporter of the SOS Children's Village, which provide a safe and loving home for hundreds of children.

WING's mission to focus on young people and children is also becoming increasingly important in the Group's internal operations. This year, its employees were given the opportunity to volunteer alongside children at the SOS Village family day in Kecskemét.

As the leading real estate developer and investor in the Central European real estate market, WING strives to ensure that the buildings it develops not only provide architectural and functional benefits, but also represent national economic and social value. This value-creating approach also characterises the company's activities in the field of social issues, which is why it has placed the promotion of children and young people and the development of talented young people at the heart of its CSR strategy.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, WING's support has included support for children's hospitals in the form of incubator donations, support for the implementation of children's programs, long-term children's foundation grants, the launch of scholarship programs, talent management and the construction of playgrounds.

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