Construction begins on Hungary’s largest single-block office development, the Magyar Telekom headquarters building


Construction of the Magyar Telekom Group’s new, 57,000 square metre headquarters building, which will be a defining feature of the Budapest cityscape, is now getting under way as a WING investment. The building, which is tailored to suit the company’s requirements in every respect and provides a truly 21st-century working environment, is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2018. The value of the investment is close to HUF 50 billion. The consortium of banks financing the project consists of UniCredit Bank Hungary, UniCredit Bank Austria and K&H Bank.

The new development will be one of the most innovative office buildings in the country, built in the spirit of sustainability, and also the largest single-block office development project in Hungary. The building, which is being constructed at the intersection of Üllői út and the Hungária körút ring road, is easily accessible by car, and also on foot thanks to the excellent public transportation links. The building is particularly important in terms of its impact on the cityscape, as it will serve as the gateway to the city centre for those arriving from Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Throughout the project the architect, TIBA Építész Stúdió, has focused on ensuring that the building has an individual character that exudes strength, but at the same time blends seamlessly with the urban environment.

The building is designed to suit the requirements of Telekom and T-Systems Magyarország in every respect, because the group of companies, which will lease the building for the long term, will locate most of its Budapest office workers here. Accordingly, while the exterior of the building exudes 21st century dynamism and strength, the interior is designed to ensure that besides efficient operation, the elegant spaces, a versatile and creative working environment, and a highly practical enclosed park, all assure the comfort of those who work here. The interior design and furnishings of the facility will be based on the latest and most innovative HR and information-technology trends. The building will also house an underground car park with 1,350 spaces, and a conference hall with capacity for 300 persons. Outside the areas leased by Telekom, an additional 4,000 square metres will be available for letting on the open market. The construction work will create jobs for some 1,000 people

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