Construction of Hungary’s first environmentally friendly shopping centre begins in district XII Hegyvidék Shopping centre foundation stone is laid


Noah Steinberg, chairman & CEO of the building’s developer WING Zrt., and Zoltán Pokorni, mayor of the "Hegyvidék" district, laid the foundation stone for the Hegyvidék Centre together on 2 June 2011.

Hungary’s first environmentally sustainable shopping centre will be topped with an almost 1000 m2 active green roof. The centre is being built with the future in mind, using environmentally friendly technological systems, with the aim of achieving a “very good” rating under the strict, internationally recognised BREEAM environmental accreditation scheme.

The new upmarket yet family-friendly shopping centre under construction in Budapest's District XII opens its doors to the public in autumn 2012.  The prime objective of the Hegyvidék Shopping Centre is to serve the needs of local residents to a high standard of quality. A special feature of this development will be its focus on services. It provides an attractive and friendly environment in which to perform daily administrative chores, and also serves as an ideal meeting place.

Noah Steinberg, chairman & CEO of WING, emphasised:  “As a developer, our main objective is to create value, in terms of both architecture and function. When designing the Hegyvidék Shopping Centre we once again set out to meet both of these important criteria as fully as possible. I am particularly happy to have an opportunity to improve the day-to-day lives of local residents in the future, by creating a shopping centre that is family-friendly in terms of its atmosphere, size and character, blends in with its surroundings and makes use of environmentally aware technologies.”

The district’s mayor, Zoltán Pokorni, said: “We are happy that with the construction of the Hegyvidék Shopping Centre our district will gain an investment that makes life simpler and more convenient for the local residents, by offering, within easy reach, a well-appointed setting in which to carry out everyday administrative chores and do shopping; while with its high-quality services the centre also provides excellent opportunities for relaxation, and a place for friends to meet up. It’s important for us to create within our district a downtown area with a small-town feel, to provide the residents of Hegyvidék with a high-quality living environment; and the centre that is now under construction is an important part of this.

The Hegyvidék Shopping Centre is one of the few property developments to be launched this year. The developer WING Zrt. is a Hungarian private enterprise, which has the stable financial resources and appropriate professional expertise needed to take on such a project. The company’s previously completed projects include, for example, the Agria Park shopping centre.

Hungarian labour is being used in the course of designing and constructing the building, in order to contribute to the creation and protection of Hungarian jobs, and to boost the performance of the economy

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