GOBUDA Mall to open


EuroCenter in Óbuda was reborn under the name GOBUDA Mall, developed by WING. Completed at a record speed, this modern and human-scale plaza in North Buda was renovated to completely suit the needs of the locals, and will gradually open for its visitors, continuously expanding its services in alignment with the opening of each shop from 24 March on.

Following a complex restructuration of about 10 months, completed by WING, renovation works came to an end in GOBUDA Mall. The investment focussed on giving back the locals their popular shopping and leisure venue as soon as possible. So the now completely renovated human-scale plaza adapted to local people’s needs, formerly known as EuroCenter Óbuda, is going to open gradually for visitors starting March 24. First, INTERSPAR and, among others, Líra, Erste Bank, MKB, and OTP Bank branches, Yettel, Telekom, and Optic World are going to open for the customers who can gradually take possession of more and more shops afterwards.

As a result of the renovation, GOBUDA Mall was transformed into a modern shopping centre with a leasable area of ​​25,000 square meters, accommodating approximately 100 stores and a service function, offering the answer to today's needs. Thanks to the works, the building has been completely renovated inside and out, offering new features: some of the former engineering areas were converted into offices, while a green roof terrace, a roof garden and a playground will be constructed in the near future on the roof above the engineering area. In addition to maintaining the silhouette of the building, the interiors have also been rationalized and optimized, so that access to each level was significantly improved compared to the previous situation thanks to the newly built moving walkways and escalators, as well as the new elevator cores and stairwells.

In addition, a 140-meter straight-line pedestrian and communal passage was created on the first floor, to house the fashion shops planned here. Natural light penetrates the building through the modernization of the roof windows, and the spaces opened by ceiling cut-outs.

The renovation of GOBUDA Mall in figures:

  • New elevators: 5
  • New moving walkways: 4
  • New escalators: 4
  • Engineering pipes: 30 km
  • Cables: 175 km
  • Construction of floor and wall covering: 16,600 m2
  • Construction of a striped facade covering system: 2,100 m2
  • Installation of plasterboard partition walls: 10,500 m2
  • Installation of the suspended ceiling: 4,200 m2
  • New sound and heat insulation: 19,500m2

Homelike spaces designed on a human scale

Thanks to its human-scale size and design, GOBUDA Mall has a homelike atmosphere that can make it a popular meeting point and community space. Transparent and well-structured spaces and corridors feature a clean interior design concept. The aim of the operator is to ensure that the shopping centre become the number one leisure, shopping and administrative destination of Óbuda and the surrounding agglomeration.

Accessible and environmentally conscious solutions

Targeting the Acces4you rating, interior spaces and restrooms in GOBUDA Mall are fully accessible, and special parking spaces are offered at several parking garage levels of the building to serve persons with mobility impairments and disabilities, as well as visitors with baby strollers. As opposed to the earlier building, the floors of the shopping mall are connected by several elevators, escalators and walkways.

Solutions serving to disinfect the building and touch-free functions protect visitors’ health. In line with an environmentally conscious approach and sustainability, bicycle racks, electric vehicle charging stations, as well as car sharing parking spaces and an automated package delivery station in the underground garage, will also be available. In addition, the entire building underwent a significant energy modernization, which will significantly reduce the building's noise emissions and air pollution.

A modern and renewed INTERSPAR

INTERSPAR to reopen on the ground floor on 24 March was also completely renovated, with a modern exterior and interior design for the sales space, a wide and high-quality selection of goods, and solutions for the convenience of customers. The renovated hypermarket also has a salad bar, a show bakery and an INTERSPAR to Go at the entrance to the shop. In order to meet the increased online shopping needs of recent years, the SPAR online shop service and the possibility to receive the goods in the store will be available here as well. In addition, in the spirit of sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions, the store has modern LED lighting, while the cooling furniture operates with an environmentally friendly, CO2-based system.

Renewed service range

In addition to creating the ideal tenant mix, following the needs and expectations of the population, the main goal of the developer was that North Buda residents get their popular shopping centre back and the completed areas, shops and services be used by the customers as soon as possible.

In the first opening phase, on 24 March, stores providing everyday shopping, administration and services are going to open for the public, including INTERSPAR, the Líra bookstore, OTP Bank, Telekom, Yettel, Schmuck Jewellery, Coco Nail Spa, The Box Donut, Sonax, Optic World and Yves Rocher. In addition to the above, Testvérhegy Pharmacy, MKB and Erste Bank branches and Loidl Flower are going to open by the end of March. As far as gastronomy is concerned, Hússzabóság, The Fishmonger fish shop and bistro, the Radovin wine shop, the Purple Panda Restaurant, and the Belgian Bakery will open in early spring. As regards convenience and additional services, April will see the handover of the stores of Pepco, DM, Budapest Barber Shop, Ruhadoki tailor’s shop, Exclusive Change and Scitec Nutrition.

In the next phases of the continuous opening, the shopping mall's catering offer will be expanded with brands such as the Stühmer Confectionery and the food court's various national cuisines and international restaurants. As regards leisure time, visitors can use the services of the Las Vegas Casino, which continues to operate during the renovation, as well as the fully renovated cinema from the second half of the spring period, and the Vidám Színpad re-starting with a repertoire including child programmes and productions, and the fitness room later on. By autumn, a fashion department with international fashion brands which has not been present in the Óbuda region so far will be established on the first floor.

The fourth shopping mall development project of WING

Owning and developing GOBUDA Mall, WING is one of the largest Hungarian privately owned real estate developers and investors. Also, being the majority owner of the largest Polish real estate developer, Echo Investment, it is a key player on the regional real estate market. GOBUDA Mall is the company's fourth mall development project after successfully completing Agria Park in Eger, Hegyvidék Mall and repositioning and renovating MOM Park.

WING considers it its mission to preserve the Hungarian architectural heritage that defines the character of Budapest, and to give a new life to old buildings, adding new functions to them that are useful both economically and for the community. WING renovated several heritage buildings including Máriássy Building (Máriássy Ház), Millennium Office Building (Millenáris Irodaház) or the office building under 66 Andrássy Street, and new headquarters are being developed for RTL by fully renovating the heritage building of Liget Center.

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