K3: Wing to construct unique environmentally-friendly office building


WING Zrt. has just begun work on a major new office development. The value-creating company, and recognised market-leader in premium category office, logistics and commercial real estate investments, has started the building works of the K3 Office Building along the office corridor of the Könyves Kálmán ring road. Scheduled for completion at the end of 2009, the project, with its efficient and environmentally-friendly features, promises an economical solution for companies that will eventually rent its offices.

WING will soon be commencing construction work on its latest large-scale development project located in the immediate neighbourhood of Népliget Park and the Planetarium. The site, which is bordered by Könyves Kálmán körút, Benyovszky Móric utca and Reguly Antal utca, was purchased by the developer in 2007.

In designing the offices, the primary considerations of Ybl Prize-winning architectural firm Lukács and Vikár Architects was to assure maximum flexibility in terms of office configuration, as well as plenty of natural light. The offices will look out onto Népliget, Budapest’s largest park. WING’s latest office project will, it is hoped, represent a bright spot architecturally among the rows of offices that line the ring road. Both the central building that connects the complex’s four office towers in an axial arrangement and the special glass façade will be constructed using design elements that radiate vitality and lend a stylish appearance to the building.

Thanks to its location, the building will be quickly and easily accessible both by public transport – Tram Line 1 and Metro Line 3 – and by car. There is an international bus station nearby, and Ferihegy Airport is just a 15-minute drive away.

The complex, which will have total floor space of 16,000 m2, will be of interest to large as well as to smaller companies. The multi-storey building’s flexibly dividable interior spaces will be suitable for a single-space office as large as 2500 m2 on one floor, or will be able to accommodate up to 7 smaller tenants per floor, in either an open-plan or a cellular configuration. If requested, large tenants can choose to occupy an entire office tower with its own separate entrance. The interior spaces will benefit from plenty of sunlight, openable windows and high ceilings. The office areas will be accessible via a central reception desk, which will promote great efficiency of operation.

In the interest of sustainable development, the investor is also placing solar panels on the roof of K3, which will provide hot water to the entire building complex by a means unique among domestic office projects. Other environmentally friendly solutions include the capture and use of rainwater and the building’s efficient heat insulation. The developer has also taken account of the increasing popularity of cycling as a means of transport: the building’s underground car park, uniquely in Budapest, will be fitted with a dedicated high-capacity (80-space) bicycle storage facility complete with changing rooms. WING has already initiated the application process for a BREEAM* “Very Good” rating for the building.

“For two main reasons we feel confident that the K3 Office Building will be well received by the market. Firstly, the large number of development projects already completed along the Könyves Kálmán ring road have proven that there is a major demand for office space in the area, and secondly, we feel the building’s architectural quality and its efficient environmentally-friendly solutions will help it stand out from the competition,” declared Wing’s deputy CEO Gergely Árendás when asked about the prospects for the building.

WING press release

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