Nefab and Igepa move to East Gate Business Park


- A New office centre in the Business Park - In June of 2008 Igepa Paper Hungary Kft followed by Nefab Packaging Hungary Kft in July have signed lease agreements on premises in the East Gate Business Park. Nefab will be setting up its headquarter in a 4,700 m2 warehouse and 900 m2 office area, in the recently completed hall B1. Igepa is renting 1,600 m2 of warehouse and 230 m2 of office space.

New companies with international background have chosen to settle their operations in the East Gate Business Park, developed by WING Zrt.For the Hungarian subsidiary of Swedish-owned Nefab Packaging, which offers a wide range of packaging materials and packaging services, the primary consideration was that the business park should be capable of providing the infrastructure and facilities needed for all of its operations, notably its manufacturing, warehousing and related logistics activities. Besides it ensures a pleasant working environment for employees of company locating its office headquarter in the Business Park.

The transaction of Nefab Packaging Hungary Kft was managed by real-estate consultant Eston International Zrt. For the tenant, the East Gate Business Park represents an ideal environment, not only for its warehousing operations, but also for its premium packaging technology operations, while the high proportion of office space further reinforces the business park concept.

Igepa Paper Hungary, a leading distributor of paper products took  the excellent location and transportation links, as well as its desire to establish a high-quality central logistics base in a facility that offered category “A” office and warehouse space on the same site into consideration.

“We are delighted that Nefab and Igepa have also decided to move into the first and largest business park in Budapest’s northern catchment area. An important consideration when choosing business premises is that employees in both the office and the warehouse facilities should be assured of a pleasant working environment,” said György Mucsi, deputy CEO of WING Zrt. responsible  for industrial and retail developments.

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