Office market in Budapest goes greener!


New green office building of Budapest, V17 opened its gates. The building is located at the beginning of the Váci corridor. The seven-story sustainable building of nearly 13,000 square meters area featuring cutting-edge technology, and offers "A" class office areas most of which are rent by E.ON Hungary Zrt for long term. The V17 is owned by Torony Ingatlan Befektetési Alap represented by Diófa Alapkezelő Zrt., and was developed by Hungary’s leading commercial real estate developer WING Zrt. Building V17 required a HUF10 billion investment.

The V17 building is located in district XIII, next to the Lehel market, close to the M3 metro station. The green office building offers special architectural solutions in line with state-of-the-art technical content, while it is an outstanding example for environmentally responsible architectural design. All this are demonstrated clearly by the fact that nearly 900 square metres of new green space is formed within the project, and also the plumbing and electrical systems are installed in line with the sustainability requirements. While an intelligent building management systems and energy-saving solutions are also installed, the building yet shows high-tech design. V17 graded Very Good in the green certification system BREEAM.

In the office building’s opening ceremony held on October 25 Noah Steinberg president and CEO Wing Zrt. said: "Wing is dedicated to develop future-oriented buildings that represent economic, urban planning and functional value. To do so, we have the necessary market expertise, experience, strong financial background and a network of dedicated and stable partners. We have built V17 building – an innovative, environmentally responsible, world-class building offering a high quality environment for the world's leading energy service company E.ON – on these solid foundations.”

V17 got into Diófa Alapkezelő Zrt's portfolio in October 2015. "We are pleased that we can create a successful partnership with Wing Zrt., and we can expand our portfolio with another excellent office building in this submarket. For us V17 is not only a fantastic building, one of the most advanced and greenest office building in Budapest, but also a long-term sustainable investment. In our investment making decisions we take into account a number of criteria and a certificated green building with long-term tenants offers significant added value for us. We are proud to be able to add such an iconic building in our investors’ portfolio.” – said Gergely BIRÓ, CEO of Diófa Alapkezelő Zrt.

For most of the office space E.ON signed a long-term lease to provide working area for its 600 employees in Budapest. The building gives home for a modern restaurant and a new cafeteria as well.

V17 was built by a budget of HUF10 billion according to the architectural design of Aspectus Architect Studio by general contractor Market Zrt. The development was financed by K&H Bank.

About V17 Office Building

area for rent: 12 700 m2
smallest office area availabel for rent: 300 m2
office are by storey: 1800 m2
number of elevators: 8
underground parking space for 209 cars
parking space for 95 bycilces with changing rooms and showers
The V17 is built according to the BREEAM 'Very Good' environmental awareness expectations. Especially beneficial the building's natural ventilation solution with a fresh air blowing system and openable windows. The natural solar radiation maximized by shaded glass surfaces. During the construction recycleable materials with a minimal environmental impact were used and the building can be managed with a low energy usage. The hot water is provided by using solar panels, in addition a photovoltaic solar system installed onto the rooftop produces electricity. The mechanical systems are individually regulated, environmentally responsible mechanisms.

Four elevators on each side of the central hall provides transportations between the levels of the building. V17 has underground parking garage for 209 cars, and also has storage facility for 95 bicycles. In addition to the bicycle storage area showers and changing rooms are also available. Electric vehicle charging system was also installed in accordance with the 21st-century expectations. Inside the building a 900 square metres airy, green yard has been established, which not only provides the venue for a daily rest and the restaurant's terrace, but also provides natural light for the offices.

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