Over 1,200 apartments sold, nine residential developments, community services and energy-efficient homes: the first five years of LIVING


LIVING, WING’s umbrella brand that specialises in residential developments, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. LIVING provides energy- and cost-efficient, smart and sustainable solutions while focusing on building relationships in the communities in which it works. Since 2017, it has started the development of almost 2,000 apartments in nine residential projects, more than 1,200 of which have been sold already, with four projects and over 800 apartments having been completed. LIVING also has several other developments in the pipeline.

Living was established in 2017 as a WING business specialising in residential developments. Over the past five years it has initiated nine projects, four of which have been completed, with the other five still in progress. LIVING’s aim is not just to build properties, but to create residential developments with sustainable homes and a wide range of services which help to improve the quality of life for residents.

The first development to be completed was Kassák Residence in 2020, followed by Metropolitan Garden in 2021. Park West 1 and then Kassák Passage, the second phase of the Kassák project, were finished in 2022. The residential parks that have been completed are located in popular yet quiet parts of the 13th district, close to the office corridor on Váci út and the variety of connected services. But location and accessibility were not the only key considerations. Excellent transportation infrastructure – both public transport and for cars – was also a key factor for LIVING when developing all of these projects. Developments that are currently in progress include the Park West 2-3, Kassák Terrace and Le Jardin residential parks, all of which have the convenient features and smart technologies that are now expected of LIVING.

“At LIVING, we are committed to improving residents’ quality of life. Our priority with our residential projects is to create properties that meet all of our clients’ expectations. We use cutting edge technologies and architectural solutions in our developments, and the apartments within them, which not only meet environmental requirements to the fullest extent possible, but also the expectations of residents. LIVING now has five years of experience in residential property development, and its references and commitment to continuous innovation and sustainability guarantee the high quality and reliability of its projects. In the years to come we are planning to launch several new projects with the same approach,” said János Martin, WING’s Deputy CEO and LIVING’s Director of Residential Development.

LIVING’s Park West 2 and Kassák Passage residential developments have an AA energy rating, while all the residential parks that have been announced since June 2021 have an AA+ rating. This means that these residential projects offer highly energy efficient homes, which can come hand in hand with much lower annual utility costs than conventional apartments. Le Jardin, Park West 3 and Kassák Terrace residential parks have modern heat pump systems that use only renewable energy, and feature heating and cooling panels on the ceilings and triple-glazed plastic-framed doors and windows. The smart home system in the apartments has various benefits, including making power management easier. By integrating these solutions LIVING is contributing to a sustainable future and efficient energy use in the long term, not to mention lower utility costs for residents.

In addition to energy management and environmentally-friendly solutions, making sure residents are comfortable and satisfied is a key consideration for LIVING.

The developer offers prospective residents tailored LIVING Service packages to make everyday life easier for them in three areas:

  • As part of Community LIVING services, in addition to car sharing, a shared living room and lounge, a library, and 24/7 package pickup are also available.
  • SMART LIVING smart home solutions ensure that residents’ homes are energy-efficient and safe.
  • LIVING Solutions services make it easier for homeowners to manage the tasks related to their properties, whether they bought their apartment as a home or as an investment.

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