Roundtable association for real estate developers (rared) established, coalition embracing the most significant real estate developer companies in Hungary


Due to joint efforts of international and Hungary-based companies, the Roundtable Association for Real Estate Developers (RARED) was formed with the participation of Hungary’s most important real estate companies. RARED considers its duty to act as an advocacy group for Hungary’s internationally recognized real estate developer companies through its development programmes concerning the built environment.

The Roundtable Association for Real Estate Developers aims at supervising the inland real estate development projects following precise rules and regulations in view of functionality, aesthetics and economy in favour of the owners and the users of the built environment. The goals of the RARED therefore are the following:

•             establishment of a clear, straightforward and reliable set of rules regarding regional development and building authorities;

•             widening the scope of the corporate social responsibility present in member companies, preserving the social values attached to the built environment;

•             seeking partnership and maintaining the existing relationships between the inland and international members of the real estate sector and various related companies present in the financial sector;

•             raising the standards of real estate development;

•             representation on the conferences about issues of the built environment held by local authorities;

•             promoting educational programmes concerning real estate development.

“The Association considers its duty to improve the level of communication between the Hungarian real estate developers by harmonizing the professional goals and representing them along a common set of values in face of the local authorities, the civil and professional organizations and the public opinion as well.” – said Gergely Árendás, Deputy CEO of WING Zrt., chairman of the RARED.

Members of the RARED:

Ablon Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.

AIG Lincoln Gazdasági Fejlesztési Kft.

Biggeorge’s-NV Zrt.

Futureal Development Zrt.

GTC Magyarország Zrt.

ING Magyarország Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft.

IVG Development Hungary Kft.

Orco Vagyonkezelő Kft.

Skanska Magyarország Ingatlan Kft.

Trigránit Fejlesztési Zrt.

WING Ingatlanfejlesztő és Beruházó Zrt.

RARED is expecting further members as there are accession negotiations currently in process.

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