The first phase of LIVING’s Le Jardin residential development has reached its highest point


The first phase of Le Jardin (‘the Garden’ in French), LIVING's greenest residential development, in Rozsnyay street in the 13th district, has reached its highest point. The eco-friendly residential park with 165 apartments is located on the shore of the Rákos stream, in an excellent, green zone location. LIVING has been focusing on environmentally conscious solutions throughout the investment, and the apartments have better-than-average technical aspects and energy-efficient solutions. The construction of the residential park is progressing on schedule, and the first phase is expected to be handed over in the second half of 2024. Le Jardin’s apartments are an ideal choice for families, elderly couples and everyone who appreciates a suburban atmosphere and the protection of the environment. Apartments are still available in the residential building and sales are ongoing.

The first phase of the Le Jardin eco-friendly residential real estate development, LIVING's most environmentally conscious investment to date, has reached its highest point. In the first phase of construction of the AA+ energy-rated residential building, 165 apartments have been built, each of which has better-than-average technical aspects and economical operation at low overhead costs. Le Jardin offers options from sunny, practical studio apartments with efficient floor plans to generous, five-room penthouse apartments.

“Le jardin” is French for garden: fittingly, the residential park is situated in a quiet, idyllic environment, surrounded by gardens on all sides.

Construction on the project is progressing on schedule. Heat pumps will provide heating and hot water in the building, a modern ceiling heating system has been developed and the walls of the building are covered with special insulation, which is 15cm thick in most places. The buildings have a north-south axis, so the facades face east and west, which supports solar heat gain and which will lead to lower annual heating costs for residents.  Plants have been planted on ground-floor and first-floor gardens, helping create a microclimate that makes the environment friendlier, reduces noise pollution, cools the spaces in and around the and improves air quality.

We are one of Hungary's leading residential real estate developers, and our goal is to develop homes that offer 21st-century urban solutions that simultaneously serve the comfort of home buyers, improve their quality of life, and protect our environment. When developing Le Jardin, we have made every effort to serve the needs of the residents at the highest level and to the highest quality, in the spirit of sustainability. This is why the residential park has mechanical engineering solutions based on renewable energy, environmentally conscious material use, selective waste management, environmentally conscious water use and rainwater recycling. The green solutions provide additional advantages: the facade doors and windows are triple glazed, so the annual cooling and heating costs for future residents will be much lower than in conventional apartments.

– said János Martin, WING’s Deputy CEO and LIVING’s Director of Residential Development.

Le Jardin is located in Rozsnyay street, which is in a dynamically developing part of the city with an excellent suburban location, in a green, leafy part of the city’s 13th district. It is close to Váci út, so it has excellent transportation facilities: the city centre is easily accessible by car and public transport in several ways (Metro 3, tram no. 14, bus no. 105). Those who prefer an active lifestyle can also cycle on a separate bicycle path near the residential park.

A unique feature of LIVING's development is that the building has a direct path to the Rákos stream. There is also a renovated park on the other side of the stream, which residents can directly access via the new pedestrian bridge. Near Le Jardin there is a playground, a kindergarten, a school, two general and two technical secondary schools as well as a university, so it’s an excellent choice for families with children. Supermarkets, shopping centres, surgeries, pharmacies and wellness centres are also available in the area.
According to LIVING’s standards, Le Jardin offers unique LIVING service bundles that make everyday life easier for residents in three areas. The Community LIVING services offer car-sharing, a living room, a library and 0-24-hour package collection. Smart LIVING smart home solutions mean that owners can move into safe and energy-efficient homes. LIVING Solutions services make it easier for homeowners to manage the tasks related to their properties, whether they bought their apartment as a home or as an investment.


LIVING is one of Hungary’s top residential property developers, whose aim is to create modern, sustainable urban homes that improve the quality of life of their residents thanks to people-oriented services and intelligent solutions. Since LIVING was established in 2018 it has delivered or is currently developing nearly 1,500 apartments, with more than 1,200 already sold. Its completed projects include Kassák Residence, Metropolitan Garden, Park West 1, while the development of Kassák Passage, Park West 2, Kassák Terrace and Le Jardin residential parks is ongoing. All residential developments are located in areas with excellent transport options and a multitude of services. The developments are also of above-average technical standard and include green and sustainable solutions. LIVING’s professional service provider, LIVING Service, makes residents’ everyday lives more convenient in three areas: Community LIVING services include a community living room and lounge, a community library, cleaning services, car-sharing, a community tool-shed and a 24/7 parcel pick up point. Smart LIVING solutions ensure that the apartments are energy-efficient and safe smart homes. And finally, LIVING Solutions services make it easier for homeowners to manage the tasks related to their new home, whether they bought it to live in or as an investment, from interior design services to the full-range utilisation of the property.


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