Two students from Kecskemét, Hungary are among the bests


Dávid KOVÁCS and Iván Ákos SZŰCS, two students from Kecskemét, Hungary had been earned the right to be a participant team in the global finals of Stockholm Junior Water Prize held in the Swedish capital between August 27 and September 1. The talented young people finished fifth in the finals from almost a hundred thousand team entered into the competition globally. Their project aimed to show the environmental and economical benefits of the utilization of rainwater and greywater in public institutions.

Dávid KOVÁCS and Iván Ákos SZŰCS are the students of Elek Kada Secondary School of Economics in Kecskemét. They qualified themselves to the global finals by winning the Hungarian local competition of which patron was János ÁDER, the President of Hungary. The two students’ project – titled “What can we gain by using greywater?” – introduced the saving potentials of using greywater and rainwater especially in public institutions. They initiated a water saving campaign in their school which they also video documented, which short film can be watched on Youtube.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize – of which patron is Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden – was established in 1997. It is the best known international youth award in the field of water management. This year, Prince Carl Philip met and shook hands with the finalists and then personally handed over the prize for the winner, which was 15 thousand dollars and a crystal sculpture. The first team’s school also received a five thousand dollar reward. The winner of this year’s competition was the team of Thailand, the runner-up position went to Mexico’s young talents. The Hungarian team finished in the fifth position.

“It was a huge honor and also a great experience for us to being part of this competition. The project showed us that it’s worth to place more focus on this topic worldwide. It was a pleasure to discuss these issues with experts and young enthusiasts from all over the world” – said the students. “We would like to work on this field further in the future. We want to focus on developing educational campaigns for youngsters focusing on the importance of graywater utilization” – they added.

Mrs. Erika RIVÓ, the students teacher said: "I think that from an economic profile school even the qualification for the global finals of this competition is a huge success alone. These boys performed outstanding during the whole finals. I appreciate their perseverance, will and knowledge. We met a lot of people during this whole process who wanted to help us one way or another, we wanted to perform well to serve the trust they placed in us.”

WING Zrt. as the supporter of the Hungarian team

By recognizing the students outstanding work Wing Zrt., Hungary's market leading real estate developer primarily supported Dávid KOVÁCS and Iván Ákos SZŰCS by professional guidance and also provided financial support to the two talented student to be able to take part in the global finals. The Wing Zrt. also shared its communications potential with the two talented young student by making their effort visible to the public, promoting their work in the media, thus shelping them to find new sponsors as well.

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