Wing launches new large-scale development on the Danube Bank


First phase of the Hungarian Nobel Prize Winners Research & Development Park gets under way

The Hungarian Nobel Prize Winners Research & Development Park located North form the Buda side of the Rákóczi Bridge, which is being constructed in a WING investment, will house a set of buildings designed specifically to suit the needs of businesses engaged in research and development. In the first phase, a new six-storey research and development centre and office building with a hi-tech appearance will be built on the northern part of the site. The park derives its name from the fact that the planned buildings, designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century, will stand as a tribute to the work of Hungary’s Nobel Prize winners.

The R&D centre, with a total area of 24,000 square metres, will be one of Hungary’s most modern and innovative office buildings, offering outstanding architectural solutions and environmentally friendly workplaces. The building is being constructed to the stringent international LEED Gold environmental standard. The investment is being financed by a consortium of banks, consisting of UniCredit Bank Hungary, UniCredit Bank Austria and K&H Bank.

The development has been launched following the signing of a major pre-lease agreement. The construction work will be completed at the end of 2017. Following the first phase, the development of a second phase on a similar scale is also planned, in the part of the site that is closer to Rákóczi Bridge. The design work is being performed by WING’s subsidiary Aspectus Architect.

Technical specifications of the building:
Building Size: 24,000 m2, ground floor + 6 storeys
Car park: 540 parking spaces, storage for 250 bicycles, on four levels underground
Number of workplaces: 1,800

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