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The development of the Liget Auditorium office building is the renovation of one of the gems of twentieth-century modern Hungarian architecture in Budapest, lending it a new functional role in keeping with 21st century architectural styles - all in a key location in the City Park, in the heart of Budapest.

The Liget Auditorium is connected to the Liget Center office building on Dózsa György út, with a direct passage linking the two. Both buildings enjoy historical heritage protection. RTL Hungary has signed long-term lease agreements for both buildings. The Auditorium will house the news studio, and Liget Center will be home to the station’s main offices.

Opportunity for further development:

The new wing, with a glass facade, to be built inside the green space of the courtyard, is appropriate for use as a corporate headquarters on its own or together with the other building, making the complex ideal for serving the needs of multiple office tenants. The building offers potential office tenants a total of 5000 sqm of office space on six levels, and incorporates a variety of supplementary services.


The Liget Center Auditorium is situated in Budapest’s District 6, on a corner plot at the intersection of Dózsa György út and Városligeti fasor.

  • M1 and M3
  • Bus no. 30, 979
  • Trolley bus (75 and 79)
  • MOL Bubi station 30m away
  • Railway stations (Eastern and Western)
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Grocery store / bakery
  • Aréna Plaza
  • Athletic options in the City Park (running path, bicycle path, athletic fields and courts, skating rink)
  • Museums, Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden
  • Puskás Arena, László Papp Sports Hall
  • Doctors’ offices and two hospitals
  • University
  • Fitness rooms
  • Beauty salons
  • Liget Budapest project developments

1065 Budapest, Dózsa György út 84.
Services Services


  • Total rentable area: 5.000 sqm
  • Spaces for lease ranging in size from 400 sqm to 2500 sqm
  • Opportunity for placement of unique image and company logo
  • Opportunity to add new functions and services as needed, including for instance a restaurant, snack bar, café, post office, lecture hall, community spaces or interior terraces
  • Underground parking garage and bicycle storage
  • Electric car chargers

Technical features Technical features

Technical features

  • Class A+ with flexible BTS solutions
  • Heating and lighting can also be controlled individually
  • Floor load capacity: 3.00 kN/m2
  • Modular and monolith suspended ceiling (as designed)
  • Removeable raised floor in office areas, with 8 cm air space
  • Skylights on the roof surface
  • High-capacity fresh air supply
  • Cutting-edge acoustic design
  • Double electrical feed
  • Diesel generator, UPS if requested

Smart building solutions Smart building solutions

Smart building solutions

  • Integrated building management system (BMS)
  • Smart building system and custom operating application
  • External weather sensor
  • Indoor air quality monitor
  • Target level-controlled lifts

Green solutions Green solutions

Green solutions

  • Expansive vertical green surfaces inside and outside the office areas
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Environmentally friendly use of materials
  • Conscious water use
  • Optimised, environmentally friendly lighting
  • Environmentally friendly mechanical engineering technologies
  • Energy-saving operation with heat recovery air handling
  • Silent chilled beams
  • Environmentally friendly waste management
  • Green interior courtyard and relaxation area
  • Support for bicycle use




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